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Pogo Press is the result of two creative ratbags turning an obsessive interest in the art of screen printing by hand, into the production of quality, printed garments for local bands, businesses, charities and individuals.

We both have a great appreciation of the process of hand printing, while many businesses turn to quicker digital methods we believe the result achieved isn’t comparable. 
Screen Printing has been an artform since the early 1900’s and we want to ensure the human side of the printmakers future continues to be appreciated and useful.


We offer a range of service to accommodate your needs and requirements. Whether it is getting a design ready for print or even creating something from scratch we would love to hear your ideas and do what we can to bring them to life!


Screen Printing

Illustration & Design


Die Cutting



Tote Bags

Hats & Other Accessories 

Vinyl Decals & Sticker




We believe it is a responsibility of all of us to ensure both the ethical and responsible sourcing and manufacturing of any garment or product we supply or print on. If you would like to know more about the ethical standards of any of the brands we use please reach out and we will be happy to discuss and provide any informative materials. 

If there is a brand you don’t see listed on this website that you are after, we will work with you on either sourcing the products ourself or we can discuss working with items you supply. 

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